Silver Glove Baseball

Game Video Analysis

Why Analyze Game Video?

Game video has the added component of situational analysis. A player may execute one way 99 times out of 100 in practice, but struggle in a live game. The two situations are different and should be approached differently.

Brandon Inge on the Mental Game:

“In-game analysis digs into situational awareness. There is a man on second base with no outs. The guy at the plate needs to hit the ball on the ground to the right side to move the runner from second base to third base to put him in scoring position for his teammate. That’s a good teammate role. Getting that accomplished starts mentally – it’s an approach in the batter’s box. Being a team player. You’re going to get credit for an out, but your team will be better for it.”

What does the athlete get from Brandon?

  • Review of video with marked up corrections
  • Audio message with feedback that will include physical and situational corrections
  • One email response to initial follow-up questions
  • Drills to put into practice

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