Silver Glove Baseball

About Silver Glove Baseball

About Silver Glove Baseball

Why I Created Silver Glove Baseball

I created Silver Glove Baseball because I want the game of baseball to be better.

When I retired and got back into the flow of youth baseball with my own kids, I cringed at the way these athletes were being taught. Silver Glove Coaching will provide major league coaching to kids with a focus on being a team player.

The Right Coaching

There are many styles of coaching with varying philosophies. Not all will work for every player. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for everyone to discern the two, which can set players up for developing bad habits. This is why everyone with the Silver Glove philosophy will take the time to figure out the best approach for each athlete.

I will provide my players the quality coaching I received in the major leagues, while allowing them to learn from my mistakes. Receiving the right advice early will allow players to develop proper habits, taking a kid from a low-round draft pick to potentially making him a high-round draft pick, or from a decent high school player to becoming a solid college prospect.


Baseball is a team sport, but kids are being coached to look out for themselves as the individual to ensure they will succeed at the next level. The disrespect, selfishness, and every-player-for-himself mentality is bad for baseball.

I will provide major league coaching to kids with a focus on proper technique and being a team player. They will be coached to have the right mentality and the right attitude. I want anyone who comes through Silver Glove Baseball to be looked at as a great player, but – even better than that – as an amazing human being and teammate.


The mission of Silver Glove Coaching is to teach young athletes baseball techniques the way of a Major League Baseball player, strength and conditioning the way of a MLB strength coach, and injury prevention to help athletes achieve goals for playing baseball past high school.